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In our last issue we mentioned "Aggregators" - the trend for online services such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft to scour the Internet and pull together all sorts of information about you. We said that anyone with enough time and a little skill and find out almost anything about you. Here's an example: enter your name at www.Spokeo.com for a "spooky" experience - for just $4.95, anyone with a credit card can have access to your full name, your ethnicity, your religion, your politics, your bio, your street address and phone number, your online photos and videos, your blogs, your email address, your approximate net worth and your social network contacts; or for $2.95 a month they can access a running account of this personal information on you for an entire year!

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. - Henry Ford

Also, take a look at www.ZabaSearch.com - they show my current address, phone number and relatives, plus three previous addresses - all for free, and for $39.95 they will provide a statewide criminal check, sex offender check, any bankruptcies & liens, small claims & judgments, address history, relatives & roommates, neighbors, home value and "much more." Or, if all someone has is my phone number, for just $0.99 ZabaSearch will provide the carrier, my full name, my cellular numbers, my unlisted or non-published numbers, my Internet & VoIP IDs, my current & historical info, my average income and home value, if this information is available anywhere on the Internet. This is the kind of information that previously was available only to police, banks and credit rating companies. Now anyone can get it... for cheap!

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If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen my messages about the "KOOBFACE" virus: It doesn't simply introduce itself on FB - "Hi, I'm KOOBFACE! May I please infect your computer?" Instead, a FB message contains a link to YouTube supposedly about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It is not a joke or a hoax, it's a real virus and very dangerous to your PC: check it out at http://www.snopes.com/computer/virus/youtube.asp. When you go to the fake YouTube website and click on the video, you get a message saying that you need to download and install an update to Adobe Flash Player to watch the video. The program you download is actually the "KOOBFACE" virus that infects your PC, stealing personal information and then wiping out the MBR (master boot record) so your PC won't start up: a VERY NASTY virus!

Joan Goodchild, a computer security specialist, was interviewed on "The Early Show on Saturday Morning," which is summarized here: Five hidden dangers of Facebook. When asked if Facebook is secure, her two-word reply was - "not very." She listed five points you should be aware of:
* 1. Your information is being shared with third parties
* 2. Privacy settings revert to a less safe default mode after each redesign
* 3. Facebook ads may contain malware
* 4. Your real friends unknowingly make you vulnerable
* 5. Scammers are creating fake profiles

With 400 million users, Facebook has passed up Google for the number of people at their site per day, but Facebook is a relatively young company and is still in the learning phase concerning security. The article continues: "TechCrunch discovered a security hole that made it possible for [Facebook] users to read their friends' private chats. Facebook has since patched it, but who knows how long that flaw existed?" There's much more to the article... read it!

The goal of our CN.Net-News is to share information that we think you'll find helpful as you wrestle with that little monster on your desk, your computer. And we aim to present this information from a Christian worldview. Thanks for your time!

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