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Megaupload vs. SOPA-PIPAThe article If Feds Can Bust Megaupload, Why Bother With Anti-Piracy Bills? - raises the obvious point: the U.S. government already has the ability, together with the New Zealand law authorities, to clamp down on Internet piracy, so we don't need PIPA. But the "Anonymous" gang of thieves retaliating against the Megaupload takedown by hacking the U.S. Department of Justice and other high-profile websites shows the ugly underside of bright computer kids whose moral values are distorted.

Civilized people must not tolerate the theft of others' property, regardless whether it is physical or digital. I've worked for decades in software development, and would be quite upset if a gang of thieves stole my wages. They reply that people like Bill Gates or Hollywood movie stars are the "filthy rich" and don't deserve the money they're "taking from the poor" - typical Marxist rhetoric. But it doesn't matter whether a person is earning $8 per hour minimum wage or $8,000 per hour as a brain surgeon: if it's honest and legal, the right to earn and keep one's own income should be honored. We need to clamp down hard on those phony "Robin Hood" cyber criminals.

Even with the slickest GUI, artificial intelligence is no match for genuine ignorance.

The problem with PIPA (the "Protect Intellectual Property Act"), however, is that our U.S. Senators have virtually no understanding at all of how the Internet works: it's not just "a bunch of tubes" invented by Al Gore. The Senators and their aides, sitting at their PCs playing solitaire, writing emails and posting on Twit-Face-Goo+, imagine that they know how to program computers. (Yes, I've actually met people like that who have told me they "know how to program computers.") Our Senators have simply gone way overboard in writing this piece of defective legislation that uses a sledge hammer to swat a fly, because they've become beholden to Hollywood moguls who make multi-megabuck campaign contributiions.

Although SOPA has now been put on hold, it's ugly stepsister PIPA is still due for a vote in the Senate on Jan. 24 - this coming Tuesday! It's Time to Stop the PROTECT IP ACT - see why in this article, then call your U.S. Senators - their phone numbers will appear automatically on your computer screen!

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The Security Blurb:
Read Have RIM, Nokia & Apple provided Indian Military with backdoor access to cellular comm? - but in a Times of India article, the government says this news was "just a hoax" - http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-01-12/india/30619190_1_hacker-group-intelligence-agencies-letter.

Now, take a deep breath and ask yourself: would a government come out and say - "Oh, yes, of course we've been spying on our citizens!" No, security spooks like to keep their actions undercover, so they use the technique called "plausible deniability" ...sometimes even when it's quite implausible. The article India OKs censoring Facebook, Google, Microsoft, YouTube gives us another slant on the picture of online media censorship and state control in India. This may be closer to the truth.

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