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It appears there is no end of stupidity and ignorance in the name of traditional education: see Minnesota Gives Coursera the Boot, Citing a Decades-Old Law. Watch out! Beware! Stay away from online education - you might actually learn something without having to jump through all the hoops and humiliation, not to mention the financial loss, that comes with traditional higher education.

I'm not suggesting we should kill all the stupid people. Just remove all warning labels, and the problem will solve itself.

In the previous issue I mentioned what I'm doing for offsite backup: using Google Drive, Dropbox and my website. I have cancelled my IDrive account because it seems to conflict with Google Drive: IDrive has failed every day for the last few months to backup my files. Moral of the story: be sure your offsite backup system is working - don't just assume it's backing up your files!

The Security Blurb:
Check out Threats and technology from Iran and Iran expanding arms race to cyberspace, say experts - things are heating up in the cyberwarfare arena!

As you can probably guess by the title of this issue, I'm taking a protracted leave of absence from writing my fortnightly CompuNerds.Net-News. I have chosen to focus my time and energy - both in limited supply - on other things, namely my non-profit organization "Agape Restoration Society," on my other e-newsletter "Hosken-News," I may develop some smartphone apps, and perhaps even write another book. So "Sayonara" for now!

The goal of our CN.Net-News is to share information that we think you'll find helpful as you wrestle with that little monster on your desk or at your side, your computer. And we aim to present this information from a Christian worldview. Thanks for your time!

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