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The Best Reading AppsIn his article WHY THE BEST READING APP AVAILABLE TODAY IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK, Michael Hyatt cites "scientific evidence" that the best reading app is... (drum roll, please!) ...paper! Do you agree? Hyatt, now semi-retired and running a very successful online content business, was CEO of Thomas Nelson Company, the world's largest Christian publishing house, and got his company on the e-book publishing bandwagon early in the game. He has personally invested in several e-reader devices, still reads e-books, and yet he believes that he gets more out of reading from that good old standby - paper. I'll let you read his article to see his reasons.

But I must disagree with one of the reasons Hyatt gives: he states that you can't make notes in e-books the way you can on paper. Of course you can't write on the screen with a pen or marker, Michael, and expect it will stick in the e-book! But in my Google, Kindle and Nook apps I can click on a word, phrase or sentence and type notes. I can read my Google, Kindle and Nook books on my 21" monitor at my desk, on my 11" screen of my notebook PC or Chromebook, or on my 5" screen of my Android smartphone, and not lose my place. Now I'm reading three different e-books, and I can pick up where I left off while lying back in the dentist's chair, waiting for commercials to be over while I watch TV, or sitting at my desk.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Clarke's Third Law
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The Calibre program lets me convert e-books between Kindle, Nook and ePub (and other) formats as well as read the books. My simple "Ebook Reader" app on my smartphone will even read aloud to me! If I think of a passage that I want to quote, all of these apps will search for a given text - try that on paper! I have hundreds of books on my bookshelves, and I also have hundreds of e-books in my three virtual libraries and my ePub free library. The best thing about my e-books is that I don't have to haul my bookshelves around with me in order to read! They're all available in my pocket. I even have my entire ePub library of over 100 e-books on a flash drive along with the Calibre program so I can read them on any PC. Of course, I'm an old computer nerd who's been messing with computers longer than Michael Hyatt has been alive so I'm a dyed-in-the-wool e-bookie!

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The Security Blurb:
Andrew Brandt, director of threat research at Blue Coat Systems, met with people from Windows Secrets e-newsletter at the recent RSA Conference. He explained that his company has software that can break into encrypted SSL transmissions to examine Internet malware traffic. Malware makers now are using encrypted SSL ("https") to send home stolen banking information and passwords. What Brandt and Windows Secrets don't say but is quite clearly implied is that if Blue Coat Systems knows how to crack SSL encryption, then it's possible the "bad guys" know how too. In the early 2000's when we lived in Russia, the FSB - former KGB - had initially banned the use of SSL, but soon afterwards they allowed it for the sake of Internet banking and online sales. This tells me that the Western intelligence community entrusted the FSB with the tools to crack and monitor SSL traffic.

China deploys new weapon for online censorship in form of 'Great Cannon' tells us how China was able to "knock offline the anti-censorship site GreatFire as well as GitHub, a San Francisco-based Web service that is popular with programmers." How? "By sending crippling amounts of Web traffic" from millions of hijacked PCs that have been infected with its malware. We are clearly in the age of cyber-warfare!

Bit it isn't China, Russia or North Korea who started this new form of warfare: this WIRED article way back in 2013 Our Government Has Weaponized the Internet. Here's How They Did It tells us that it's the good old U.S. of A. that started it, by infecting the Internet backbone. Either we pass international laws and develop protocols make the Internet secure for everybody, or it will be insecure for everybody!

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