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Win-10 FAQClick on the thumbnail photo or on Windows 10 FAQ to get all the FAQs about reserving your FREE copy of Windows 10 that's scheduled to come out about one month from now. And scroll down on that website to reserve your copy of Win-10 if you haven't done so already! The reservation system will also check your PC to see if you have any programs or drivers that will be incompatible with Win-10, so you'll know to update or replace them.

Microsoft has already been sending out some updates to prepare your Windows 7 or 8.1 computer for the new version of Windows. Of course, you must have a legal copy of Windows in order to get the free upgrade, but it will start rolling out at the end of July. Who knows how long it will take to update all the billions of Windows computers out there? But it will be available for free during the full 12 months from July 29, in case someone didn't reserve a copy yet, or wants to wait until most of the bugs are worked out.

Children are unpredictible: you never know what inconsistency they will catch you in next.

The new Windows 10 will include Microsoft's new web browser named "Edge" - a much-needed replacement for Internet Explorer, althoug the latter will still be on your computer if needed for compatibility with some web apps. Win 10 will also include a DVD playback app that replaces Windows Media Player and the Universal-apps tiles that replace the annoying gadgets. These tiles are merged with a somewhat Win-7-style Start Menu that many have been whining about and pining for during the past two years that Win 8 and 8.1 have been out. This merging of the Desktop with Universal apps seems to me a great idea, so you won't have to switch back and forth between an "old" Desktop and a "new" tiled user interface.

So if you want to pick up a "new" PC, perhaps it's the right time now to get a touch-screen Win 8.1 notebook or desktop model while they're marked down to sell out before the Win-10 machines hit the market!

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The Security Blurb:
In the Slashdot article 'Logjam' Vulnerability Threatens Encrypted Connections you'll read how the NSA has known for the last several years about a security flaw in up to 20% of TSL-secured internet connections that allows them (or some other eavesdropper) to break the weakened encryption key and capture the information. This security hole was "caused by export restrictions mandated by the U.S. government during the Clinton administration." Only in the Wikileaks documents was it revealed that the NSA has been using this to spy on many U.S.-to-overseas "secure" connections.

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