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And remember to take some time out this Christmas to reflect on the reason for the season: God's greatest gift to mankind - Jesus Christ was born! May the real Saint Nicholas bless you real good! There's nothing wrong with gift-giving at Christmas, but...

Over the last half-century since I was a child and then a young man, Christmas has morphed from "Away in a Manger" into "Jingle Bells" and now into "Shop-Til-You-Drop." Today we went to the local YMCA for our thrice-weekly swim, and my wife Cheryl talked to the head life guard who had put up "Happy Holiday," "Kwanza" and "Hannukah" signs and messages.

The life guard told Cheryl that she wanted to put up "Merry Christmas" on the wall, but the management would not allow it: the YMCA (remember - that stands for "Young Men's Christian Association") gets some of its funding from United Way, so they aren't allowed to promote religion. Strange, isn't it, they can promote "Kwanza" and "Hannukah" but not "Christmas"!! So when people say "Happy Holidays!" to you, be sure to reply "Merry Christmas!"

Sign in a doctor's office: "Despite the high cost of living, it remains very popular."

The Security Blurb:
We grieve over the recent attacks by Muslim extremist jihadists (again, not very P.C., but it's the truth) in Paris and in San Bernadino, CA. But we must keep in mind that the main reason these jihadists commit such atrocities is not merely to kill a dozen or several dozen "unbelievers" - it's to strike terror in our hearts so that we will over-react. That's exactly what is happening: read Policy Repercussions of the Paris Terrorist Attacks. It tells how the national security folks have a new opportunity to grow their intelligence-gathering bureaucracy.

In reality, far fewer people die from these attacks than are killed in auto accidents each year. But there may be a deeper reason the jihadists commit such atrocities: it's to make us more like them, creating a police-state dictatorship right here, just like they have over there.

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