In August 2009 CompuNerds.Net started up in Madison, WI, and presently operates in Pittsburgh, PA, but that doesn't mean we're computer novices: the "chief nerd" here began playing with computers when he was a kid, back when computers had tubes (not transistors!), when programs were hand-wired on a circuit board, and when "a bug in the program" meant that an insect flew into the program circuit board and got zapped, shorting out the program. In the military he also had some exposure to then-top-secret IBM 360 mainframe computers that used top-secret "transistor memory."

While finishing college in three years, he ran his own business, and also worked one summer at a company that processed magazine subscriptions using a big, old mainframe computer that used tiny magnetized rings or "cores" - for memory: while he was there, they upgraded from that system to a "brand new, just-released" IBM 360 with transistorized(!) memory. He received a BA degree in Central and East European Studies from U. of Colorado in 1967, but with that education it was hard to make a living, so about ten years later he enrolled in Madison Area Technical College to formally study programming.

Even before graduating with straight A's in 1979 he began working professionally in programming and software development, eventually starting his own software consulting business focusing on Unix (now Linux). He's been project manager of projects ranging from seventy thousand dollars, to forty million dollars, to a billion dollars in annual cash flow - the latter project balanced to the penny! Meanwhile, his wife earned a master's degree in rehabilitation psychology counselling and became a vocational consultant.

After both worked several years as consultants and earned a million dollars, they "retired" before age 50 and spent 17 years together as missionaries to Russia, where his wife developed a ministry to handicapped and elderly people, and he served as General Editor of Agape-Biblia, a revision of the Russian Bible that was the first Russian hypertext Bible for Windows, has distributed approximately a million copies in electronic format and has seen two printed editions.

Now contains about 15,000 webpages consisting of six hypertext Bibles in various languages, six Distance Education courses in English and six in Russian, plus templates he has written for building your own DE courses, and much more. Ever since 1996 up to the present this website has consistently been on the first page of most major search engines, often in the first position: just google "Russian Bible" and you'll find it. How did this come about? He credits a significant part of it to third-party advertising, having a link exchange page that lists other Russian Bibles and similar services. He also has a strong focus on computer security.

In the meantime he earned Masters and Doctorate degrees in theology. Now he teaches theology online through a seminary in Moscow, Russia using the open source "Moodle" Distance Education system, offers his services to churches, Christian higher educational institutions and other non-profit organizations. He does software consulting, website creation, computer programming and service work locally in Pittsburgh, PA, and worldwide - see Online PC Support. (Also, he counts the reps of his daily warm-up exercises in six languages, tries to ride an exercise bike 1.5 mi. every day, and swim 1.33 mi. [44 laps] three times a week = 4 mi./wk. - it works out to riding a bike 500 miles a year and the energy-burning equivalent of running a marathon every week, or swimming the English Channel eight times a year: how do you eat an elephant? bite at a time! He is still an avid history buff, and is active in helping Afro-Americans improve their skills and find good employment.

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