If you're here as a "Computer Nerd" - a computer specialist, you're not stupid: you know more than 95% of computer users, but maybe you're stumped: how do you transform your God-given talents into the skills it takes to find customers? Or better, how do they find you because you have a good reputation for doing top-notch work, and for treating your customers fairly and respectfully? Then they'll recommend you to their family, friends and associates. This "word of mouth" third-party advertising is the best kind of "link" you can have. These are honest-to-goodness, real-world, permanent outside links, not just efforts to "game" the search engines. It'll take some REAL WORK on your part. I try to work out every day (see About Us), so if you're willing to put out some effort (but hey, it's not like digging ditches all day!), read on...

We want to help other honest, hard-working Computer Nerds find customers, so we've built an automatic third-party advertising system utilizing our large database - "a Worldwide Network of Computer Nerds." There are well over one billion computer users in the world, and most of them aren't very computer literate. They need someone to patiently help them and teach them "the care and feeding" of their computer. So if a thousand of us Computer Nerds network with each other to reach out and help those one billion computer users, we each have a potential market share of one million customers. Wouldn't just a fraction of those one million customers make your business pay off big? You see, this isn't a "zero sum game" where if one Computer Nerd gains a customer, another Computer Nerd loses that customer. No, it's a "win-win game" where we all help each other gain new customers. You can see how it works on Our Network page. Here's what to do:

  1. Please read carefully our pledge. The ("Our Network" page also has a link to it.) This is the foundation of Our Network: building and maintaining the trust of our customers.

  2. Then fill out your business listing, giving your contact info and business specialties, and stating you agree to our pledge. We don't want any "bad apples" on our database. (Don't forget to click on the "Submit" button!)

  3. Next, simply click on www.CompuNerds.Net/our_network.htm and copy its source code (right-click on it, then select "View page source"). Then you can insert your heading and change the color to match your website's pages. Then save it as our_network.htm. It contains our one-line JavaScript that will link to our database displaying your business listing along with hundreds or thousands of Computer Nerds worldwide, each one linking to your website. Here's our one-line JavaScript:

  <script language="JavaScript" src="http://CompuNerds.Net/include/worldwide-network.js"></script>

  4. Place a link like this: <a href="our_network.htm">Our Network</a> on your website's homepage menu, and add this new page to your sitemap.txt file (see ours) in your website's root directory so search engines can find it. Then upload your new "Our Network" page, your revised homepage and sitemap to your website.

  5. Email us that you've put our JavaScript on your site, then return here and click on within 5 business days to pay your $99 annual membership fee. (PayPal accepts most credit and debit cards.) After we've received your payment, we'll send you 7 easy steps on how to get even more customers coming to your website. Your listing will now remain on Our Network for one full year.

See our Online PC Support page for an example of how you can offer worldwide remote computer help. Create and promote your own similar webpage, and then you'll really begin to have a worldwide business! Also, when you've signed up for your listing in our Network, we'll send you our three-part "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet" consisting of "How to Attract More Visitors," "Article Marketing," and "Automated Spinning," showing you how to expand your web business for little or no cost.

That's it! When you add our JavaScript to your website, it will appear as if it's your own HTML code that dynamically updates itself with the latest "Worldwide Network of Computer Nerds" list, each one being displayed on every Computer Nerd's website that has posted our one-line JavaScript on their sites.

(In case you're wondering, Google does follow JavaScript links: see -

Treat your customers kindly and fairly, serve the public well, and don't worry - you'll make a decent living.