For tutoring sessions at Meadowood Neighborhood Center in Madison WI, then at the FOCUS North America center in Pittsburgh PA, where we moved in 2013, I've written some fairly basic, one-page outlines, and researched several other sources. Here are many free lessons and courses on the Web for everyone to benefit from. When you click on the headline (title) of each outline, it will open up as a PDF in a new window so that you can print it on 8.5" x 11" paper or download it. Feel free to email the PDF files of these lessons to your friends. Enjoy!

Setting Up an Email Account

Beginning Computer Skills

Intermediate Computer Skills

Introduction to the Internet

Computer Security Basics

Google's Many Free Services

How to Upload Photos

Here Are Several More Helpful, Free Resources:

Top 20 Shortcuts for Taming your Windows (PDF): Some "Quick-key" commands for Windows

FOCUS+Pittsburgh: Homes & Jobs - After you get some skills below, get a home and a good job!

Touch Typing Lessons: Learn to type fast with all 10 fingers: a basic skill you need to get ahead!

Practical Money Skills - Personal Finance: Savings, Budgeting, Banking, Credit history & cards, Debt.

Getting Started with Facebook: Create and customize your business or personal Facebook page.

How to Create a Facebook Landing Page: Learn to build a FB landing page that gets leads!

26 Great Facebook Landing Page Examples: Look at these examples for some great ideas.

10 Steps to Starting a Business: Write a plan, Get free training, Choose a location, etc.

Internet Essentials Learning Center: free courses in healthcare, education, finance & job resources

Microsoft Office Training: Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Access for 2016 - free!

GCF LearnFree Computers: A wide range of free tutorials, from computer basics to MS Office to Apple Study website creation - free tutorials for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL, PHP

Windows Computer Skills Tutorials: Several free online courses with video tutorials

Alison Free Certified Learning: earn diplomas in 38 free courses in many different subject areas

Khan Academy: Study over 2,700 free video courses - practice, learn almost anything for free!

MIT OpenCourseWare: Over 2,000 free courses - get a higher education through MIT for free!

MIT OpenStudy: Study together with others in a study group taking free MIT courses!

Peer2Peer University (P2PU): Take free classes with a group at a local library

Google Books: Sign in anywhere with your Google login, and read 1000's of books for free!,,,,, Textbook Revolution, Free Textbooks, College Open Textbooks: 1000s more free courses & books! (Did I say FREE?)